NB International

NB International

Napier & Blakeley has an outstanding international reputation in the provision of property due diligence services as well as benchmarking buildings for energy efficiency, operational performance and future capital expenditure.

In response to its increasing business and client base outside Australia, the firm has decided to establish an international arm, Napier & Blakeley International, headquartered in Singapore and chaired by Peter Mitchell.

From September 2006, Peter Mitchell was CEO, Asia Pacific Real Estate Association Limited (APREA); a not‐for‐profit industry association.

Peter has been a senior partner of a major law firm in Australia and Singapore. He has strong strategic, business development and legal skills. He has a deep understanding of real estate and the real estate markets across Asia Pacific, as well as the regulatory frameworks, corporate governance, accounting and financial reporting standards, market disclosure, valuation and portfolio performance reporting.

Peter also has extensive networks in all major Asian economies and a deep understanding of their cultures and business practices.

Peter Mitchell

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m. +65 9670 9435
e. pmitchell@napierblakeley.com